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Core 4 + Balance

Core 4 + Balance

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  • The majority of the US population has been found to be deficient in one or more vital health nutrients. Several years ago, practitioners began noticing a trend in the nutritional deficiencies seen in the majority of their patients. The Core Four supplements are a culmination of the efforts to address the common deficiencies noticed by these practitioners. These recommendations are not meant to replace a good diet, but instead are meant to support and build upon the foundation of already healthy diet and lifestyle and ensure recommended values of vitamins and nutrients are being met on a daily basis. This is the core on which to build a strong foundation. These supplements are a solid lifelong solution to support better health.*

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  • Optimal Adult:

    Optimal Adult

    Optimal Omega:


    Vitamin D3/K2: 

    Vitamin-C with Bioflavonoids:

    Power Plants Balance


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